Family Secrets

On the surface, the Matthews' family seems fine. Ruth is looking to start a family with her husband of four years, Naomi is preparing to marry the man of her dreams and Zach has just graduated from university. But beneath the surface of this happy Christian family lurks a darker, more sinister reality.

Writing and producing quality, impacting stage plays that challenge audiences from all walks of life Writing and producing quality, impacting stage plays that challenge audiences from all walks of life



Black & White

This production explores gun culture, racial intolerance and forgiveness. Linda is a white British woman who believes gun culture is solely the business of the black community. But when her son buys a gun which is later used in a fatal shooting, the problem she thought was everyone else's' is brought to her door step. Nan has done her best to bring up her grandsons in a godly fashion ... surely they would never get mixed up in any of the mindless violence going on. Max and Nicola are the parents of the murdered boy and are struggling to come to terms with what has happened. Will they ever be able to forgive this injustice?

Life Begins

 They say life begins at 40, which is great if you're happily married, with 2.5 kids. But what if you're single and lonely? Is it the beginning? Or the beginning of the end? Amanda, Julie, Rob and Steven, are about to find out ...


Whether you're single, married, were married, about to be married, never want to be married...this play is a must see.


A new stage play from the writer and producer of Family Secrets, Black White and Change.



 Jen and Sandra have been working together for 9 years. During a Friday afternoon chit-chat they both come to the same conclusion: they need a change; something to completely transform their lives. That same weekend, both women believe they've found the answer and arrive at work on Monday morning eager to share the news of their discovery. But their ideas on what they need to transform their lives are miles apart. Who will convince who on what real transformation is?


Colliding Cultures

Colliding Cultures is SVG Production's debut short film. 5 passengers of varying cultures clash on the London underground. It looks at intolerance of cultures, youth and the older generation - with an interesting twist at the end.


A SVG & Sardine Pictures Production




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